THE WRITERS WORKSHOP will be run as a small writers group, with a maximum of 10 members. It will be led by an experienced script editor and an industry mentor and will take place over three consecutive mornings. 

Writing can be an isolated activity. The workshop will offer an opportunity to gain constructive feedback on your project, brainstorm ideas in a supportive environment and help you move your project to the next stage. 

This should be viewed not as a place to get things right but a space to try things out and have permission to ‘fail’. The aim of the workshop is to help the writer tell the story they want to tell and to develop it in the most dramatically engaging way.

Group participants will be required to read others’ work in advance and will benefit as much by engaging in each others’ work, as they will in discussing their own work.  The advantage of group feedback is that each writer will receive a variety of views on their project and where there is a unity of response, it clearly highlights a problem that needs to be addressed. 

In addition, each writer will be offered a one-to-one consultation with the script editor, to help them move their project to the next stage of development, and a one to one meeting with the industry mentor, to help them identify an action plan to bring their project to the market.